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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your beef grass-fed?

Our beef is grass-fed and grain-finished. Our Angus cattle are raised on our pasture grass for the majority of their lives. During the finishing process (the period before they go to butcher), they enjoy a nutritious diet of hay, corn, soybean meal, and essential vitamins and minerals. The hay they eat is cut from our own fields. Grain-finished beef is superior to grass-finished beef in both flavor and tenderness. We believe grain-finished beef offers a more enjoyable eating experience!

Is your meat organic?


We consider our meat to be "all-natural" because it contains NO growth hormones or antibiotics. 

Do you butcher your own animals?

No. Our beef and pork are processed at a local, USDA-inspected butcher. All of our meat is vacuum-sealed and flash-frozen to preserve freshness. 

Is there a difference in quality between fresh and frozen meat?

No. Because our meat is vacuum-sealed and flash-frozen immediately after processing, it retains its flavor and tenderness until you're ready to eat it! 

Can I visit your farm to purchase meat?

Yes! Our beef, pork, and chicken are available for purchase in our farm store. You can purchase meat by the cut (i.e. individual steaks, roasts, etc.) or in bulk. We are open every Friday and Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM, and by appointment during the week. Our barn store is at the end of a long, beautiful farm lane. 

Do you sell shares of beef?

Yes, we offer a limited number of 1/4, 1/2, and whole steers each year. Please call or email us for more details, or to reserve an order. 

How much beef does a steer yield?

The amount of beef per steer depends on the size of the animal. Every steer is unique. However, the average weight of an entire dressed steer is 800 lbs. After dry-aging, deboning, and fat trimming, the steer will yield roughly 500 pounds of “take home” meat (half - 250 lbs, quarter - 125 lbs).

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